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 Landscape concrete curb edging is a fine choice to your home or business appeal.  Concrete curbs  have endless possibilities  when it comes to design practices.  We will walk you through out the process of choosing the right  curb style, stamps and  colors based in your ideas of design and overall integrity with  your home or business.





The Concrete Curb process


    Most jobs are completed in one day with no disturbance at all to your existing landscaping .   The process of laying  down a curb is simple and fun to watch.


    First, we will define a border line based on your design choice.    Once you are satisfied with the curbing line we  then use a professional sod cutter machine with carpet like cuts about 9” to  12” wide.  The  sod removed  in rolls is disposed  properly  or it can be used somewhere else in the  property at the owners request.  Once the path is clear , cleaned, compacted if needed, the curb machine is entered next.  Extruding concrete professionaly, the compact machine will lay the curb smoothly and clear of damage to your existing landscape. 

       Once  a section of the curb is in place  we will come behind it and hand trowel it to a smooth finish. Slate texture, colors and stamps of different designs can be added to the curb while it is in its plasticity stage.  Finally , after the coloring and stamp process, we  will spray a cure and sealer compound to ensure protection and beauty to the finished curb for years to come. 

       We will clean up all debris related to our work and dispose it properly as well .  Please  have in mind  that concrete  will crack regardless . Time and different  environmental factors play a roll on cracking concrete.  We , in order to avoid random cracking,  cut a control joint every three feet.   This  will control the cracking point if it were to happen at a given time.  Control joints are  for the most part integrated to the curb design making it  a functional part of the curbing process.



Concrete Curb   advantages



    The advantages of Landscape edging curbs  are proven to be  cost effective in different areas of  consideration.  Besides  the fact that enhances beauty to your home or business it actually increases the value of the property.  Landscape concrete edging curb will give you a beautiful  contrast/definition edge around your flower beds, trees, playgrounds, swimming pool, gazebos, etc.  Concrete curbs are   being more economical and durable  than your normal lawn edging material reducing  in great amounts the edging and  trimming time involved in ladscape maintenance.  Solid, well made curbs will  serve as a barrier between your landscaping and cumbersome weeds.  Concrete curbs will not  rot like wood and will not move like  other landscaping borders such as brick, steel or plastic edgers.  The curb  is a concrete fibermeshed reinforced, colored and stamped  product proved to last years of   functional and visual enjoyment.  Above and below  are just a few samples of landscape curbing.








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